How You Can Help

Taken from the website:

How You Can Help

We hope we have convinced you that represents a tremendous and unique opportunity to aid in the furthered education of students. Any support you can give us, of any kind, is greatly appreciated. Here’s how you can help:

Feedback: We welcome any and all comments on all aspects of our business plan and existing website. If there is something we haven’t thought of, send us your thoughts via our contact form, or by emailing mail [at]

Contacts: If you know anyone else who might be able to help with – through expertise, intelligence, funding, or all three – please get us in touch.

Subscribe: You can keep abreast of updates via e-mail or feed reader. Please sign up, and let others know about this opportunity as well.

Join: Help us spread the word to everyone that you know by joining our Facebook group, or one on another social networking site. You can also help by spreading the word about to anyone whom you think may have interest.

Share: The more people who hear about, the more successful that we will be. Help us find students to apply, share our plan with others, and ask them to join or contribute.

Contribute: is currently in the process of obtaining 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. As such, all donations are currently tax-deductible. Help us pay for our necessary start-up costs by making as generous of a donation as you can.


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