About DiscoverScholars.org

Taken from the DiscoverScholars.org website:

Our Concept

Imagine if donors to educational foundations had the opportunity to influence how their money was being spent, with their contributions allocated to the types of students they wished to support.

In today’s giving climate, donors lack a means to support the education of worthy individuals. In the market for financial aid, students’ educational funding is unnecessarily tied to college financial aid packages and government support.

If funding from charitable donors could be matched up with students whom donors wish to support, then both parties would be better off.

Our Mission

DiscoverScholars.org is a tax-deductible non-profit organization that awards scholarships to the types of students valued by donors in the marketplace.

Donors specify any combination of characteristics, from grades and majors to extracurricular and athletic activities, with the knowledge that worthy students possessing those attributes will benefit from their donations.

Unlike government aid, existing scholarship funds, or financial aid packages from schools, DiscoverScholars.org uses donors’ specified attributes to fund students who satisfy those criteria.

Our Goals

We have four goals for DiscoverScholars.org:

  1. To provide donors with a means to support the educational pursuits of worthy students;
  2. To improve the efficiency of the market for student educational funding;
  3. To increase the accountability of other scholarship-granting organizations; and
  4. To expand student educational opportunity more generally.

Our principles of transparency and donor choice distinguish DiscoverScholars.org from our competition for charitable dollars.

Over the long-term, we believe that DiscoverScholars.org will encourage more people to make charitable contributions toward education, while also improving the efficiency of the current market for educational financial aid.


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