Posted by: Discover Scholars | October 9, 2008

Update for students

We’ve made two changes to the application that students should be aware of.

These changes, as now reflected in our application instructions, are:

  1. There now is no application fee for students to apply to
  2. We have set an application deadline of December 15th, 2008 for students to be eligible for funding during the coming quarter (January – March ’09)

When we first unveiled the student application, we planned to charge a minimal fee of $25. This fee was to help cover the costs associated with verifying student applications, as well as to keep our number of applicants manageable.  We also planned to create a referral program to reduce the application fee for students who got their friends to apply.

We have dropped this fee, because we want to ensure that students are not deterred from applying simply because of a trivial fee. Moreover, we do not anticipate any difficulty in verifying student applications at this time.

Regarding the second change, we have incorporated the December 15th, 2008 deadline to ensure that students will apply to sooner rather than later.

As we now state on the application instructions’ page:

Deadline: pays out scholarships to students four times per year, once per quarter. In order to be eligible for funding during the subsequent quarter, your application must be received by the appropriate deadline. The current deadline is December 15th, 2008.

Please note that all received applications will be processed in the order in which they are submitted. Therefore, applicants who apply earlier to will be eligible earlier for funding.

Applicants only need apply once. Students who applied during a previous quarter are automatically considered eligible for funding during subsequent quarters.

As always, if there are any questions or suggestions, send us your thoughts at

Help us continue to grow:

Students: Apply today!

Donors: Consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the students of your choice.

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