Posted by: Discover Scholars | August 12, 2008

Discover Scholars offers unique concept in education

Aaron J. Biterman, a contributor at the Republican Liberty Caucus Blog, wrote about this weekend.

Here’s what he had to say:

My background is as a teacher. I’m certified to teach social studies in several states and the District of Columbia. My current day job is as a fundraiser.

Discover Scholars, a new third party non-profit organization based in the DC area, has managed to combine two of my passions, to form a unique concept.

The organization’s goal is to use the private sector to enhance educational opportunities for needy or deserving students by accumulating donor funds designated for a particular type of student.

Republicans have been talking about free-market options in education for decades, ever since Milton Friedman conceptualized school vouchers. However, little has been done to address the need by the private sector.

Discover Scholars advocates “decoupling financial aid from individual colleges altogether, and creating other organizations whose goal is to allocate funding to students independently of the schools that they attend.” If their concept works, it will lessen the need for federal financial aid programs.

As Discover Scholars says, “Donors who are currently giving to colleges without really knowing where their money is spent will be able to give with the goal of funding students — all while having more transparency into how their contributions are actually being put to good use.”

Imagine having the power, as a donor, to fund particular types of students.

Imagine, as a student, having someone want to help you attain greatness.

Discover Scholars is now accepting applications for high school seniors and students entering their first year of college.

The RLC encourages liberty-minded students to apply for assistance.

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