Posted by: Discover Scholars | August 7, 2008

Now Accepting Applications!

Today is a big day for  After a lot of work, we are now officially accepting student applications!

For the details on who is eligible to apply, technical requirements, and all other instructions, check out the new application page of our website.  As always, if you have any further questions, or find that something is not clear, please send us an email at mail [at]

Addendum, 9/15/08: The below two paragraphs are no longer accurate. After much thought, we have dropped our application fee.  Applying to is now free to students!

In order to apply, we’ve set an application fee at $25.  We’ve done this for two reasons.  First, the fee will help cover the amount of verification time required for each application.  Second, we also believe that this low fee will help us to weed out non-serious applicants, and keep our number of applicants manageable during the early stages of

We set the fee as low as we could, but we’ve also established a fee waiver process for students who can’t afford it. In order to help encourage more applicants, we’ve created a referral program that will reduce the application fee for anyone who chooses to take part.  For every student who refers other applicants to, we will waive $5 from the cost of your application fee.  That means if you get just 5 friends to apply, your application fee will be completely free. All you have to do is give your friends the email address you used to apply, and have them enter it in the “referral email” field of the application.

The success of is, naturally, going to be very dependent on generating as much student interest in the project as possible.  To that end, we’re encouraging everyone who applies to help us in every way possible.  Forward this email to your friends, encourage them to join our Facebook group and ask them to sign up for email updates (and do so yourself if you haven’t already).

Thanks so much from everyone here at, and we look forwrd to receiving your applications!

P.S. We’ve also been working on redesigning our website and would love to know what you think.  Is there something we’re missing?  Let us know: mail [at]

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