Posted by: Discover Scholars | July 16, 2008

Acclaim for

On Monday, Phil Cubeta, morals tutor to some of America’s wealthiest families, wrote about on his blog, Gifthub:

Heard today from a Gifthub reader, Jonathan Bydlak, who is starting a non-profit called, the goal of which is to award scholarships to the types of students valued by donors in the marketplace…

Very interesting concept. Scholarships are a hot topic with donors these days. Private foundations have to go through some hoops to offer them. Community Foundations are one way donors get scholarships done. Discover Scholars could be an interesting alternative. I wonder if it will evolve into a Kiva style site where Scholars could also borrow money? As the securitized student loan industry seizes up, an alternative linking private lenders and specific scholars might be in order. (Could turn into a program related investment or mission aligned investment for foundations?)

Anyway, Discover Scholars is a very interesting addition to the philanthropic landscape… the concept is intriguing.

You can read Phil’s entire post here.

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