Posted by: Discover Scholars | July 16, 2008

Acclaim for — Part II

Tyler Cowen, the well-known economist at George Mason University, and co-author of the popular blog Marginal Revolution, today had this to say about

Should donors give to students rather than schools?

Jonathan Bydlak seeks to match donors directly with students, rather than matching donors to universities… One advantage of the idea is greater competition…

I like the idea but fear that institutions of higher learning can offer donors greater perks than can intermediaries that match donors to students.  Might it be possible to, say, offer donors the chance to support students through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, with the Met taking a lower cut than Harvard does, yet still handing out donor perks?

Tyler’s got an interesting point, but we think that will have a distinct advantage over other organizations.  By having one place for students to apply, rather than having the MET going out and searching for students on their own, it likely will be more efficient for such institutions and foundations to outsource such programs to (still handing out whatever donor perks they wish), than it would be for them to run them in-house.

On a side note, there also have been a bunch of interesting reader comments over on Tyler’s blog worth taking a look at.  We’ll respond to some of these in the next couple of days.


  1. Please see an interesting company that is helping students find access to low cost loans from their friend and family.


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